For 25 years,Vermont-SM the creators of Butchers Feast have been working in human and pet health industries, leading to the creation of our current products.   Our goal is to create and provide the highest quality pet food for discriminating pets and their owners. We are a unique pet food that is processed in a Vermont USDA facility, which specializes in preparing premium meat products for human consumption.  With over three years of research and development we are proud to present this premium pet food that meets human food grade regulations and standards.  Butchers Feast is created with the health of your pet in mind.  We believe in using the freshest, most nutritious ingredients available to create our pet food products.  Our proprietary process starts with recipes containing Vermont locally sourced premium human grade proteins (beef, chicken, turkey and liver).  We then add locally sourced carrots, butternut squash, peas and green beans.  We use only natural flavoring, plus the vitamins and minerals your pet requires for a balanced diet. Nutritional Philosophy Feeding your pet the best quality food promotes a strong, healthy life.  It has been proven that minimally processed foods provide us with the most nutrition.  We have witnessed for ourselves the changes that eating healthier foods have made in our own daily lives.  When we created Butchers Feast we wanted to create the most nutritious food available today for pets.  To achieve this, it is essential that we create foods and treats from premium human grade ingredients and that the food is created with minimal processing, in the safest environment available to maintain all the healthy qualities our active pets require.  Our search to create this product brought us to a USDA facility in Vermont, with a history of creating cutting edge products from the healthiest ingredients available.  Minimal Processing Our proprietary process is completed in a USDA regulated factory that specializes in premium quality meat and food products for human consumption.  Gently cooking the product with specialized packaging preserves all the quality nutrients your pet requires.  Our method ensures our products are safe, with the least amount of processing.
  • No use of protein meals
  • No meat by-products
  • No high temperatures or pressurization
  • No preservatives
Our foods and treats ensure that your pets are being fed biologically appropriate diets.  Dogs are carnivores and their natural diet consists primarily of meat, with an inclusion of rich organ meats.  While we welcome our pets into our homes, we need to feed them as nature intended. Refrigeration for Freshness Our foods are minimally handled to maximize their nutritional values and provide health benefits to your pets from eating foods that have not been stripped of their naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.  Our cutting edge recipes and cooking methods result in the highest digestible calorie content pet foods available today.  Our recipes use only naturally occurring preservatives and refrigeration to maintain freshness.