What  dogs are saying about Butchers Feast..

“Our dogs love this miracle food.  After five years of struggling to get them to eat, they love this miracle food!”

“Talk about drooling dog when she sees this come out of the fridge…”

“This is the first dog food that doesn’t smell like dog food…and he really enjoys it!”

Loving Butchers Feast… Dog_ILoveBFLance sporting his new bandana while chilling out in the back yard on a cool July morning.  Lance loves dinner time and no longer is eating dinner a challenge.  He also enjoys the treats and bully sticks.  Thanks for making such great products!”







You know how you have this vision in your mind of beautiful, fresh, recognizable ingredients going into your dog’s food?  Well, until now it was just smoke and mirrors.  Some of the things I found out went into my dogs’ food were shocking and in some cases, unimaginable!  My dogs even refused to eat the expensive foods I bought and it was wasted.  This food is great because it not only smells good, but it looks good and even my pickiest dogs love it!  I can tell what is in it just by reading the label.  As a person who once tried to feed my dogs a home-cooked diet, I am so happy not to be worried that they get everything they need.  We love Butchers Feast in my house!”
Sadly, last year we lost our dog Leo, who was battling cancer.  He would not eat toward the end, and we tried everything to entice him but nothing was working.  Tammi offered her expertise and sent us home with some Butcher’s Feast Chicken and liver food.  We cooked it a bit, to bring out the flavor even more.  It smelled so delicious, our visiting friends wanted to know what we were cooking!   The food gave our boy some more happy days and we will be forever grateful.  I started using Butcher’s Feast for the rest of my dogs, and was amazed at how enthusiastically they dig in to their dinners now.” 


Thank you!

This is the attentionBFsupper I get when I am serving Butcher’s Feast for supper! Ordinarily, I have to invite my dogs to eat. Brookie is especially casual about eating, and usually must be invited into the kitchen. No more! Now they are eagerly waiting for their meals and eating every bite.  Thank you for making mealtime easier!”






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